Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Favorite Painters

Painting of the Day: After the Beach Sold

Throughout the years of buying and selling on ebay I've gotten to know some really great painters. Some artists I've become friends with like Eugene Wang, while others I stalk, like Carol Marine. Here are examples of their work and links to their blogs. Enjoy!

Brian Burt
I bid on this painting but didn't win it. Someday I will own one of his paintings. I love the contrast and colors as well as his loose style. See his figurative work on his blog.
Brian Burt

Aaron Lifferth
I like Aaron's work. So simple yet dynamic.
Aaron Lifferth

Oriana Kacicek
This is a painting! It really is. My friend Angie commissioned this painting from Oriana. It's absolutely beautiful and so real I could eat it.
Oriana Kacicek

Carol Marine
I Love Carol Marine's work. Her paintings are beautiful. At some point I will take one of her workshops. I hear she's a real task master and occasionally drinks wine ... Meanwhile, I'll keep enjoying her blog and participating as a member artist on the website that she and her husband created. Check it out.  Carol Marine

Dean Haven
I loved this painting, especially the way the light comes through the paper.

David Lloyd
David is a great painter. I found him on He has a bunch of vintage car paintings he's done that are beautiful. They're painted in a loose style like the airstream below. David Lloyd

Yonqing "Eugene" Wang
I love Eugene's work. So far I've collected four of his paintings and can't wait to add more to my growing collection. It's tough to decide which of his paintings to buy. They are all exquisite. Not only is he a great artist, he's also the nicest guy. Make sure you check out his blog.

Fred Kepler
Fred paints a lot of people contemplating art in museums around the world. It's always fun to see the combination of painting and viewer. Fred Kepler

Kora Fried
Kora is an architect in Berlin, Germany. She paints wonderful small still lifes. You can see her work on the website. Kora Fried 

Kimberly Applegate
Kimberly paints wonderful paintings dipicting a chair and a painting in the corner of a room. Not sure whether the chair inspires the choice of art or vice versa. Either way they are fun. Check her other work out on her blog. Kimberly Applegate
inspired by Verner Panton's S-chair and artwork by Henri Matisse

inspired by Saarinen's Womb Chair and artwork by Keith Haring

inspired by German architect Mies Van Der Rohe's Barcelona Chair 
and artwork by German painter August Macke

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  1. I love your painting of towels. What an appealing subject! And I really like the way you handled the folds and shadows in the fabric. Well done!

    And, I stalk Carol, too. LOL.