Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Favorite Mug

This mug was the only item left on the shelves from the mayhem-producing-website-crashing-crowded-genius-marketing-ploy-freeforall Target/Missoni event.

Painting of the Day: Missoni Mug
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The lobster mug below is actually my favorite mug.
 My husband, Michael's favorite mugs. These are the only two left with handles.

Years ago, I found this set of mugs at Starbucks. I thought they'd be cute for the kids to drink hot chocolate out of them. I should have bought all the same animal, it would have saved on the "discussion" time while choosing which mug they'd get to use.

These mugs came from Ross. I love the vintage Micky Mouse graphics and the Minnie Mouse drawings. Speaking of Disney, if you haven't yet been to The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, check it out next time you're there. It's worth seeing.

I brought this mug back from Vienna in 1968 as a gift for my Dad.

I've had this Star Trek plastic mug since college. I actually used to drink coffee out of it hence the yellow color. It has a nice brown hue inside, but I'll save you from that visual. It's now home to the matching mini sock monkey's my Son Sam and I picked up in New York.

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