Sunday, July 17, 2011

Montana Paint Out

Last week I had the opportunity to stay and paint at Rachel’s beautiful ranch in Montana.  Not only did the property have the most amazing views of the surrounding mountain ranges (Gallatin’s, Crazies, Absaroka’s), but the FOOD … well, Chez Panisse has got nothin’ on the Wizard. Rachel, said Wizard, made the most beautiful, tasty food, including a loaf of bread the likes of which I’ve only seen and tasted in France. (I’ll post a photo soon.) Thanks Rachel!

Back to the scenery: Every angle and view was a subject waiting to be captured on canvas. It felt as if I couldn’t paint fast enough to capture all the beauty. There was a plethora of old barns, trucks and rusted farm equipment that seemed to scream for attention.

My quandary was what to paint first? So I came up with a plan. If it was dawn or dusk: What scene or structure had the best light? If it was in the middle of the day: Where was the shade? Whew, it was warm at times, but that didn’t seem to bother the Gardener’s, Rachel (Wizard) or Lisa (Wizards sister & my BFF), or the other resident artist, Donna, from Portland, OR, whom I liked very much.

The week was filled with painting, gardening, relaxation, kombuca, fantastic-ly fresh food, hiking, hobos, and great company! The mantra for the 1st annual paint out in Montana was: “Take your clothes off if you want some champagne!” Good times, Good times.   


  1. Deb, Love the work and loved our SUPER, fun time up on the farm. xoxo Lisa

  2. You're an inspiration, Deb! Especially love the bluebird. Minimum strokes, maximum happiness. xoxo Rachel